LET’S START WITH THE OSCARS. The audience for the Oscars has fallen again this year and no wonder.  What a slow, unfunny show it has become.  With the exception of a couple of women, one gay and one black rapper, the acceptance speeches were total white bread and banal. The MC was unfunny and insulting without being humorous and the show looked like it was thrown together like pieces from someone’s  yard sale. Enough. STEADMAN – If you haven’t seen or heard of it, and have any appreciation of the art of Ralph Steadman, I highly recommend “For No Good Reason“, a documentary on this sardonic genius, his process of creation and his relationship to Hunter Thompson.  Hosted very low key by Johnny Depp with appearances by Terry Gilliam and the late William Burroughs, among others, it is a visually stunning couple of hours. See it!   It’s on Netflix. THE NET – It looks like we have won one against the big boys – at least the first round.  Net neutrality has been saved by the FCC.  And while the monsters of Cable have promised to fight it, all of us who have become as dependent upon the internet as we are on oxygen, can breath easier for a while.  Hang in there and keep after them. See you next week..

FIRST COLBERT…then STEWART…then Williams

ed. note:  The above typing is not a mistake, the lower case is intended.

I know this is old news, but I just wanted to add my thoughts to the departure of the two most trusted names in news reporting and one who just couldn’t get over himself.

For all the talk about fake news that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart were accused of reporting, in the end, theirs was probably, the most reliable.

Brian Williams, on the other hand, seems to have so taken with himself that he wished for some heroics for, then believed that the wish had come true.

Comedy Central and all of us news junkies will sorely miss those two honest reporters and I, for one, will not miss Mr. Williams.

The selection of Larry Wilmore to fill in the 11:30 block is, while not Colbert, a fine replacement .  He has a sharp wit and tongue and his “Keep it 100” is  an interesting take on interviewing (I can’t wait until he gets some real celebrities for that hot seat.)

As to who will replace B. Williams, who cares

And my vote for Jon’s replacement…Hey, Tina Fey, what are you up to lately?


As we indicated last week, the “El Corazon” art  show at the BATH HOUSE CULTURAL CENTER had a great grand opening and is, again this year a fabulous show.  From large exotic painting to grand sculptures and photographs. The BHCC is located on the eastern shore of White Rock Lake in Dallas and is a really fine venue for Art and Theater.  Please drop by to surprise your senses with this great exhibit. Parking and entrance is free.

On a sadder note, as you are probably aware of by now, David Carr of the NY times, died yesterday.  Anyone who appreciates fine, effective writing is now mourning his death.  you can check out some of his reporting at nytimes.com

See you next week

Bath House El Corazon Reception



If you haven’t been to the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake Park in Dallas, it’s time to venture out. This modest gallery and live theater venue has some surprisingly good art exhibits and plays.

The exhibit that is opening next week, El CORAZON, is an annual event with some fabulous regional artists exhibiting works that will knock you out. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, one will find everything from sentimental, to religious, to edgy,—art, sculpture, and photography.

Admission is free and so is parking.

They also have quite a variety of live comedy and drama on an ongoing basis.

It rests at the foot of Northcliff Drive off Buckner, between Mockingbird and Lake Highlands.

Please, visit it soon. Check it out and get more info at:




You will not be disappointed.


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