RadioShack Corporation – CIRCLE “R” GROUP

From 1994 through the end of 1999, Bob Quaglia was Director of RadioShack’s in-house Media Department.  He planned, negotiated and managed national, regional and local media schedules and campaigns. RadioShack’s annual Budgets approached eight figures. 

During Bob’s  tenure, RadioShack’s media campaigns consisted of network radio and television, national print vehicles and over 3,000 local newspapers carrying on-page ads and freestanding inserts.

Over the five year period, we pioneered the cellular  business so that by the end of 1999, RadioShack sold over 1,000,000 cellular & PCS phones.and became the largest National Retailer of Sprint PCS in the United States, commanding 20% of national cellular sales.

In addition, we gained dominance in the satellite dish market and became the largest national retailer of DirecTV and RCA Satellites Systems.

By the end of 1999, RadioShack stock had risen to over $65.00 a share, the highest on record for the company, assisted in no small part by the agressive media campaign of the period.

A free-standing RadioShack electronics store i...

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