Today’s Kids Toys

In the early nineties, the old Wolverine Toy Company an Arkansas firm that produced metal tea sets and tin doll houses, changed its name to Today’s Kids and began producing formed plastic self-propelled toddlers cars, dinette and kitchen sets and playhouses.   

With the daunting task of going against companies like Playskool, Fisher-Price and other well established national presence and having nowhere near the budgets of those firms, Today’s Kids three boutique ad firms to build their campaign.  Bob Quaglia was the media planner-buyer on the project. 

Since the funds were such that they could not afford an effective campaign in the large, dominant women’s service publications like Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, etc, we decided on a vertical, parent specific campaign in CHILD, PARENTS and PARENTING  magazines with four-color pages, on consecutive months in the introductory schedule.

At the end of year one awareness of the new company shot up by 500%.  By the second year, they had secured distribution in Wal-Mart, Kmart and Toys R Us.

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