Audience and Target Identification

Target identification and the isolation of media audience composition are crucial to any successful advertising campaign.  Dollars can easily be wasted if media vehicle selection is left to arbitrary decision based on personal likes or dislikes of either the advertiser or the buyer of media for that advertiser.  “…My wife likes that show…” can be a costly way to select media.

While this may seem obvious on the surface, drilling down through the available reaserch data can often provide valuable surprises, giving the plan that extra edge it needs to overcome advertising clutter and/or getting a leg up on competition.  Research not only can be valuable for what it says but, in many cases, what is not obvious on the service.

Discovering that a medium’s audience seems to fit our target profile may not only be enough information.  Psychographics, lifestyle preferences, usage quintiles and audience composition can also be valuable tools in fine tuning the plan and the buy.  We always “dig” for the best fit of target to product/service.

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