Media Negotiation

ALL media is negotiable!  Whether it is in the form of frequency discounting, competitive media pressures or learning how to “read a rate card,” our skill at getting the most effective pricing for the media is noteworthy.  Each media vehicle will vary its rates in an attempt to match the target of each advertiser and therefore negotiation is essential.                          

We have, over many our years of using the various tools of media buying from bartering of products for airtime to negotiating of network television, become aware of the fact that in many cases, “share of budget” is more critical than size alone.  That is, the larger the piece of each budget a media representative can secure may be a better negotiation tool than the total dollar amount placed.

This has the advantage of “leveling” the budget playing field so that small advertisers can sometimes be as successful in securing the same “street rates” as larger clients can.

Since all budgets are eventually finite, the more quality media we can obtain for the dollar the more we increase our ability to succeed for the advertiser – the more people we can expose for the dollar the better the results will be.  While GonzoMedia’s “general” media rates are proprietary, those negotiated for each advertiser are theirs to verify, confirm and question.

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