Media Planning

The Media Plan is the soul of the advertising campaign.  It is part art, and part science infused with a lot of hard work and made complete with experience and success.

The most creative message and the most efficient negotiations are lessened in value if the plan is not on target.  Our approach at GonzoMedia is built on over 25 years of work in all media fields, for all types of clients and in all market venues.

Our client list extends from package goods to fast food to B2B and trade organizations.  We have created small, local plans for mom & pop operations to building and creating huge national campaigns with budgets in the eight figure range.  We have no “media bias” and, therefore have no loyalty to, nor preference for any media types or vehicles – only those that best fit the needs of the advertiser are considered.

Our beginning approach to plan creation has been borrowed from successful military strategies:

“Know the enemy, the weather and the terrain”

The Enemy being the competition; the weather being the business climate, and the terrain being the market place and its diversities.

Upon these three principles, we can then begin to analyze the personality, needs, target audience and idiosyncrasies of the product or service of our client; and then drawing upon our extensive experience, construct a plan that brings success to the advertiser in the way of sales and profit.

Every plan we devise is built to address these major elements:


Our plans will always be comprehensive to the extent mandated by the advertiser.

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