I thought I had commented on this but apparently not.  The Holy Quartet – Burton/Depp/Elfman/Carter are up to it again.  This film has very little to do with the old TV series – it only alludes to soap opera.  As promised Jonathin Frid had a cameo.

It was, however, fun until the end when all the furniture and most of the cast get blown up dismembered or otherwise destroyed and then, it really “fell apart.”

Wait for the blue ray.

Jonathan Frid

From MEDIA LIFE this morning

“…Jonathan Frid, an actor who starred in the 1960s series “Dark Shadows,” died last week of natural causes at age 87. Frid has a cameo in the upcoming movie version of “Dark Shadows,” in which Johnny Depp plays his old character, Barnabas Collins….”

Dramatically ahead of his and daytime programming  as well, It’s ironic that Jonathan died just before the “resurrection” of “Dark Shadows”.  while many of you may never have seen this daytime soap opera about vampires, you will now get a chance to see what was probably the most adult program shown in the midday block of programming and the only one I ever watched.

I hope this  revival holds up in today’s mess of vampire mania.  BTW, a really fun book in the horror genre is “The Last Werewolf” by Glen Duncan.  funny, scary and at times a bit gross – I loved it!