A few years ago, my step-daughter asked me to see if I could help a friend of hers find a job in New York at Comedy Central.  I Introduced this young lady to the then Sales Manager of the network and she landed a internship at MTV Networks.

Last night we went to Hyena’s Comedy Club here in Dallas to see her new stand-up routine.  We were really thrilled with her performance.

Jamie Lee is now a rising star on MTV’s “Girl Code”, plus is writing for other MTV properties.  She has been noted as “one of the top five  comedian who should be movie stars” by Nerve.com.  And she is a native of Dallas.

We will be following her career more closely now and wishing her the best.

You Go Girl!!

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After a long Absence…

GonzoMedia has not posted anything in quite a while. I can give excuses for this, but it really is a matter of not being inclined simply to regurgitate articles from media publications, blogs and web sites, that are readily available to those concerned with this part of the advertising business.

I have never much cared for “cut-and-paste,” so mostly what you will see will be observations and commentary and occasionally, a very short story – longer than twitter-shorter than a page.

As always, you are welcome to comment, but don’t expect a long debate. Your opinion is yours and you are certainly welcome to it. If it is in opposition to mine, well, this is my blog and…enough said.

Please, visit again. I hope to have fun here.



In case you missed it, a federal judge has moved the FOX, CBS and NBC lawsuit against DISH’s “AUTOHOP” to California from New York, as requested by the three networks. They assume the west coast legal system will be friendlier to them.  A similar case involving DVR’s would give DISH legal precedent in New York.

As you know, “AUTOHOP” is the service on DISH that allows subscribers to automatically skip commercials in playback programs on their DVR’s.  This looks like another new battle over who has the right to control technology and its devices.

Those of us, who can remember it, know that some of these same networks once tried to sue to stop the production and sale of videocassette recorders, claiming that recording programs was a violation of copyright laws.  They lost that one and I believe that there is a chance they may lose this one as well.

The suit brought by the networks does not address the right of the subscriber/consumer to delete advertising, but rather that DISH “…has created and marketed a product with the clear goal of breaching its license…..”

The networks are claiming that this violates copyrights and destroys the fundamental underpinnings of the broadcast television business.

And they may well be correct in this claim.

If DISH can get away with this, it surely will not be too long before another company will have an AUTOHOP clone on the market, opening a real Pandora’s Box for commercial TV, and drastically changing the way we media planners and buyers look at delayed viewing and pre-recorded audience numbers, when evaluating total delivery, for our clients.

On the other hand, it may be the beginning of the demise of DISH.  They have already come into conflict with AMC and other content providers and have dropped AMC from their feed.  If they win this suit, other commercial networks may also decide not to do business with DISH.

AMC has a group of very popular programs – Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and The Killing, to name a few. And Dish does have competition – DIRECTV……

This will be a very interesting case for all of us to follow.


None of us is unaware of the conflict going on around the issues of free speech, protecting privacy, protecting copyrights and a myriad of other legal and social issues, revolving around the internet.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to answer all of these knotty issues very satisfactorily.  The internet is, for all intents and purposes, a totally new dimension of communication.

Since GonzoMedia is a Media Planning and Buying Company, and needs all the possible information we can garner about the consumer in order to “properly” target our clients’ commercials, we are, “greedy” for the demographics, psychographics and personal habits of the consumer.

And we are – through sites like Google, Facebook and a multitude of other sources, never before available – able to gather more and more of that valuable data.  It seems that many people are perfectly willing to disclose information about their personal lives, their jobs and other information on the internet that they would never discuss or reveal to their family members or clergy.

On a personal level, however, I have concerns about how we protect the information which those consumers do not want revealed.

We have all seen reports of people losing jobs because they have posted their dislike for their bosses and/or companies they work for.  And we marvel at why a person would reveal videos of themselves in embarrassing situations.

Obviously, there is no accounting for taste or for lack of foresight for many of our fellow citizens, so I say, “post away”, and, hopefully, these individuals will not do themselves too much harm.

As I said before, I do have concerns about those of us who do not desire to have personal and private information revealed without our permission.  The fact that the simple act of going to the web to gain information on any given subject, product type or medical affliction, can generate an e-mail assuming that we are prone to buy a product or service, or a sufferer of that affliction, is a bit more than frightening.

We once feared that “Government” would create Big Brother, this is no longer true.  We have created him out of whole cloth.  As Walt Kelly’s POGO once observed, “…We have met the enemy and he is US…”

In my opinion, therefore, we should promote the concept of Opting IN rather than that of having to Opt Out in matters of privacy on the net and it should be as simple as a universal tag on one’s email address declining all intrusion.

If a particular site refuses to give information regarding what they regard as proprietary, unless one allows the gathering of personal data, so be it!  Somewhere on the net, There will be another site willing to give one the requested information without requiring the divulging of that personal data.  That’s how it works, “out there”!



I got a nice surprise this morning when I opened the daily mail from MEDIALIFE – new logo, new look and an expanded list of places to check out.

If you are a media planner or buyer and are not getting this, you might want to take a look.  It has been around for a while and does a nice job of commenting and reporting on a variety of things relevant to media professionals; including overnights, and people movement.

Sharon O’Callaghan Shero – “The Sacrifice”

Today’s blog will not be about media planning or media buying, but rather the announcement of a very special event involving my partner and spouse, Sharon Shero.

The New Orleans Photo Alliance’s juried Members Exhibition has selected 3 works from Sharon O’Callaghan Shero’s new series, “The Sacrifice.”   Accepted works include “The Selkie Returns to the Sea,” “When You Wish,” and “The Fishmonger and the Demon Cat.”

This is a prestigious honor bestowed by one of the premier photography organizations in the country.  Sharon’s “The Sacrifice” series is a cutting edge collection of photomontage, mixed media and assemblage pieces inspired by of Irish folklore, religious anecdotes and stories told by her mother.

If you are in the Magazine Street area of New Orleans on or after June 8, please stop by the N.O.P.A. gallery and see Sharon’s and other fine photographers’ work on display there.

And by all means visit her website  www.sharonocallaghanshero.com to see the entire series and other great finds.

The exhibition opens June 8 and continues through July 1.

New Orleans Photo Alliance
1111 St. Mary Street
New Orleans, LA
(504) 610-4899

Recent Comments on the World of Media

This will be the first of what I believe will be more than a few comments on the areas of media planning, media buying, media trends, kudos, goofs and idiocies as I see them and have seen them evolve over the years.  You will see notices of blogs, articles from trade publications, commentaries and lunacies worth passing on.  Plus there will probably be rants pro and con about our business in general.

Today I want to comment on an AAF Dallas, luncheon held this week on “Multicultural Media Matching:  Hispanics and new media”.   The structure of the presentation, the expertise of the panel members and information presented by the four hispanic media experts was impressive and very informative. They represented agencies, media, marketing and communications.

I was disappointed, however, when they did not, to my satisfaction, address the issue of the need to consider the diversity within  the “Hispanic” community itself, when it comes to national origin and place of residence within the U.S.

As any creative director and media planner or buyer who has had to address these cultural variations, the political differences and the diverse way these communities use media can tell you, there is a world of difference between the Mexican/Central American of the West & Southwest, the predominantly Puerto Rican consumer of New York and the Cubano of South Florida.  The language idiosyncracies alone pose problems for all aspects of effective communications with these individuals.

As a buyer/planner for two Anheuser-Busch products (Busch Bavarian Beer and Busch Gardens) and as media director at RadioShack for five years It became very clear that being aware of these – sometimes not so subtle differences – can insure that one communicates effectively across the spectrum of the Spanish (and Portuguese) speaking Hispanic/Latino community.  This is one of those “not so important” but critical elements one needs to factor into the effective advertising campaign for this group of consumers.