Pretty Soon – the Chip in the Nape of the Neck

Apple’s new features for its computers, iPad and iPhone, are truly amazing, from the Retina screen for their computers to the iOS 6 for iPhones and iPads, they are ripping new furrows in the tech landscape.

Their new Maps software will definitely do damage to google. With the 3-D views of buildings and their live, real-time traffic plus making Siri more lifelike, they are definitely taking major steps up the ladder.

(For a really good examination of the changes go to “Pogue’s Posts” on the NY Times site.)

It’s not only amazing, but just a bit scary.  It really looks like implantation of the chip is near.  I am reminded of  a Dean Koontz novel of  a few years back about the melding of humans and computers and how the malevolent  machines turn the users into vampires.

No fear, however, in that scenario, they lose…..good luck to us.